Getting Started

Indeed’s Quality Assurance Process

Indeed requires all jobs coming from a new source to go through a vetting process by their quality team. This process normally takes 1-2 business days, though can take up to 10 business days depending on the jobs and company. Indeed requires a member of the business to reach out and initiate this process. 

Enabling Free Boards

To initiate this process, you’ll need to make sure your job has been opted into the free boards. An account admin can enable this on your account by going to My Account > Account Details > under Customize & Design, select Feature Management. Scroll down to Job Postings and toggle ON the option for Free Job Boards.

You can also enable free boards per job by navigating to the dashboard, locating the job you want to edit, and select the drop down menu > Edit Job. Under the edit job screen, scroll down to the Advanced Features section; under Advanced Features, toggle free boards ON for the job.

Reaching out to Indeed

As mentioned earlier, Indeed will require a member of your company to reach out directly. If you already have an Indeed account and an Indeed rep with that account, you can reach out directly to your representative. If you are reaching out to Indeed for the first time, we suggest calling Indeed at 1-800-475-4361 or you can email/chat with their support directly through Indeed’s Employer Center. Methods of communicating can be found on Indeed’s Contacting Indeed help article.

You’ll want to provide Indeed with the following information:

  • You’ll request your job(s) to be pulled from the ATS XML Feed.

  • The name of your company as it reads in your company’s ATS account.

  • The XML Feed (Our Feed ID is 55063)

  • Indeed may also ask for some additional verification information, such as an Email address associated with the account or verification information to create an Indeed account for your company.

  • Once the job(s) have been located and submitted to their quality team, please request that representative send you an email with what you went over and a confirmation email on when your jobs will be posted online.

This is a one time process and you will not need to repeat this for any new jobs you post going forward once Indeed has approved your account.

What to do if your jobs do not appear on Indeed?

Indeed’s Organic Visibility is a free program with strict guidelines to prevent malicious and spammy postings. Because of the strict guidelines, your job may accidentally breach their guidelines and disqualify it from appearing on their organic board.

Reasons why include:

  • Offering an Incentive or Sign-On Bonus in the Title

  • Posting the Location in the Job Title

  • Posting two or more differing jobs in the same post.

  • Non-paying/Commission only Job Posts

  • Posting from multiple sources.

    • Indeed only accepts postings from a single source. You cannot post to Indeed from multiple sources.

  • Posting under a Generic Company Name

    • A non-unique Company can lead to Indeed thinking you’re posting from multiple sources. The smallest change to the company name on your account to make it unique will normally solve this problem. An administrator can accomplish this under My Account>Account Details and select Company Info to update the name.

  •  You can review Indeed’s My job is not shown on Indeed for additional reasons.

When Indeed flags a job, they may not reach out to you as to why the job was flagged. If you need to have your jobs unflagged, we encourage you to reach out to Indeed and ask why your jobs have been flagged or are not appearing online. An Indeed representative will normally explain to you what needs to change in order to get the job posted.

***If you need support, please reach out our support team via email with an Indeed representative CC’d on that email as Indeed will not allow our support team to assist with most cases unless a member of your team is included in the email or phone conversation.